Try A Virtual Workout – Here’s How To Train Together Online

Virtual Workouts

Due to the corona virus pandemic, gyms have been closed for months. Everyone had to stay home, and it has disrupted the fitness industry and your gym members’ workout plans because they can’t come to the gym to work out. Therefore, your gym needs to upgrade to a new level to cope with these recent industry changes. It brings forward the need for smart fitness facilities.

Even if you enforce more hygiene and sanitation rules for your members’ safety, some members would still feel doubtful about coming to the gym. While your staff can strictly follow the social distancing norms, if you reduce your gym’s occupancy limit, It will still cause you to lose many members. But there’s an easy way to avoid it while satisfying your member’s health safety needs. You can set up Virtual Workouts with Virtual Personal Training Software to encourage your members to keep on track with their fitness plans.

A virtual workout is a great way to help your members stay on track with their fitness plans while allowing them to work out with their friends from the comfort of their homes. When you Set up a virtual training program for your gym members with an Online Fitness Trainer Software, you can easily manage your trainers’ schedules and training sessions. This way, you won’t lose your valuable members, and your members will feel much more motivated to work out. 

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Requirements to set up a virtual workout 

Here is what you need to do to set up online training sessions for your members:

1. Personal Training Management Software

The first thing you need to turn your gym into a smart fitness facility is ‘Personal Training Management Software.’  It will help your members track their performance and achieve their fitness goals while working out at home. You can create collaborative coaching and group sessions to motivate your members.

Personal training management software will help you create a robust client-trainer relationship. It will also help you effectively manage your trainers. It is the competitive edge you need to get ahead of your competition. 

2. Virtual Personal Training Software

Effectively managing your members’ fitness schedules and the virtual classes is an essential part of your business. Virtual personal training software allows you to manage and control your members’ training plans, diet plans, etc. It will enable you to set class levels and training times, according to your gym members’ customized needs. 

3. Online Fitness Trainer Software

Effectively managing your trainers’ schedules is just as essential to avoid double-booking with clients. An online fitness trainer software will help your trainers keep their commitments, motivating your gym members, keeping them on accurate fitness schedules, and helping them achieve their fitness goals. 

Setting up a virtual workout session

When you implement all these smart changes, it will be easier for your members to access your gym training and programs even if they decide to skip the in-person gym experience. The virtual training options will also encourage more people to become members of your gym. 

After making the required arrangements, here is how you can set up a virtual workout session with a virtual fitness training software:

1. Set up a virtual workout strategy

Take advantage of personal training management software to set up virtual workout strategies for your members. With a virtual training management system, you can easily manage each of your member’s workout requirements. Your members can log in using their unique ID to access and track virtual workout plans set for them.

2. Set weekly challenges for your members

You can motivate your members to achieve their fitness goals by setting up weekly challenges according to their fitness targets. For example, you can set up customized challenges like ‘who can do the most pushups in a week,’ ‘who can log the most miles’  or ‘who can hold a plank for the longest time,’ etc.

3. Manage customized Training and feedback sessions

Set up monthly or weekly generated progress reports from the virtual personal training software, so your trainers can easily manage customized training and feedback sessions for your members. The personalized feedback sessions will help your members improve even better. It will also help the trainers to plan customized training routines for individual members.

4. Organize collaborative coaching and group sessions 

Your members may feel bored and lonely, working out alone at home. But you can easily organize collaborative coaching and group sessions to motivate your members using online fitness trainer software. It will create a fun workout experience for your members and help them train together with their other gym friends. 


Creating a fun, competitive environment for your members while helping them achieve their fitness targets will create a long-lasting client-trainer relationship. It will encourage your members to stay with your smart fitness facility for a long time.


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