Ramy Issac is all Set to Architect a New Building in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Architecture has a way to inspire people. And this is what Ramy Issac’s designs have been doing for the past 30 years. Ramy Issac is an Israel born architect who moved to Brooklyn, New York in 1989. He earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture and city planning from Technion in Israel and completed his master’s degree from Pratt Institute in 1983. Before establishing his own firm, Issac & Stern, he also worked with “Emory Roth & Sons” for seven years as a project manager and worked on a variety of different projects, including 375 Hudson Street and the famous new G7 Headquarters

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In 1988, he started his own architecture firm and hired some of the most talented architects. Ramy Issac, along with his team of architects, has worked on multi-community facilities, synagogues, churches, and hundreds of restaurants and food established businesses. At the end of the ’90s, they also started working on new buildings – residential, commercial, and mixed-use buildings across Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Chelsea. 

Issac & Stern’s latest project accomplishment 

Ramy Issac and his team of architects have recently worked on a project in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Located between Dean Street and Bergen Street, the proposed project will be a six-story mixed-use building. Permits have been filed for the same. Issac & Stern is listed as the architect for the project and Zohar Zauber under 627 Franklin Avenue LLC is the owner of the application. 

The 65 feet tall building will cover an area of 13,330 square feet where 1,300 square feet is assigned for commercial space and 9,718 is designed for residential space. There will be 10 residencies in the building with each unit having an area of 971 square feet. The building will feature a masonry-based structure with a cellar.

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