How to use Google Trends in 2021


You can find all of the world’s interests in Google Trends.


Google trends is an astonishing tool if you are searching for ideas on what is popular and trending now. 

Not only that, but you can analyze most popular searches on different time and regions.

Google Trends US-2019

Because of that, if you are into SEO, like to write exciting content or you are an astonishing advertiser,  you have to know how to use Google Trends.

So, enough for an introduction, let’s check what Google Trends is, and how to use it.

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends was started as Google Insights for Search 14 years ago. Later in 2012, it was renamed to Google Trends.

As the name tells, the purpose of this tool is to show insights into Google search queries. By using it, you can see how many times the specified keyword entered on the search on a particular period and location.

You will see a popularity graph of an interested keyword on picked region and on chosen time.


There is a feature to compare this graph to another keyword’s graph. This way you will be able to analyze the popularity of specific keywords.

So, as you can understand, Google Trends is very helpful to make a decision regarding your Blog’s topic.

How to Use Google Trends

1. Use Google Trends for Keyword Research

Don’t you know if your picked keyword is popular enough? You can check it. You will see if it’s popularity is growing or decreasing on Google Trends.

keywords Blog Post vs Blog Article

In such a way, you can analyze every keyword that comes to mind. Thus, there will be a little room to miss pick a keyword.

By doing Keyword Research on Google Trends you will avoid picking unpopular keywords.

For example, if you are choosing from two or three similar keywords, Google trends will tell you which one is the most popular one, thus by using the most well-liked keyword, you will get more clicks.

Another great use of Google Trends for Keyword Research, that you can prioritize the most attractive keywords.

For instance, we have keywords Smartphone, Mobile phone, and Cellphone. From the Graph above, you can easily see that the most popular search is Mobile phone.

Second, by popularity, is the Mobile phone, and the third is a Cellphone.  So if you are writing a post about smartphones, it is better to use the term Mobile phone more frequently.

Because the keyword Mobile phone is more popular on search queries, so it will bring more traffic to your post

2. To create content about current trends

To create content that would generate a lot of traffic, you need to build it around the trends. 

If a lot of people are looking for a particular subject and you will produce enough value regarding this topic, there will be a tremendous chance of a vast traffic increase.

So how can Google Trends inform you about popular searches over the world?

There is a section on Google Trends called Trending Searches. In Trending Searches, you will find the top daily search trends of the most influential countries.

Trending Searches will show the search queries which have most searches of the day. You will be able to check not only the top trending searches of the current day but, also, of the days of the past.

In this way, there is a capability to analyze, not only one day’s trends but trends of the weeks and months. 

By doing this, picking a successful content would be like taking candy from a baby.

Because you got all the knowledge you need to create engaging content – how many searches a query has and what websites have most of the traffic.

By looking at these websites, you will see, what attracts people regarding this topic and what you could improve for content to be better.

So, by examining trending searches, there is a possibility to determine not only popular keywords but, also, mood and climate of the people regarding any issue or topic, which is prevailing in the country.

If you will conclude the most popular and dominant thoughts of the people regarding a subject, you will be able to predict what new content will prevail for these thoughts.

Thus, you will be able to create new content, which is not trending now but will trend in the future.

This method is risky, but you can get the most significant part of the cake. If you predict right – you will gain enormous amounts of traffic.

Because this content will be the first on the trending search quarry and the only one which is receiving the traffic will be you.

3. To Find Niche Topics by Region

Everybody wants to improve their blog. For that you need astonishing ideas. How to find what is trending in your niche in a specific region? One of the quickest ways is to determine content by using Google Trends.

At the same Trending Searches section, you can choose a country you want, and look at what searches are trending on it.

Next – you will need to find related searches for your Niche. If you are writing about holidays, it could be any information about vacations, or if you are writing about technology, it could be some kind of science invention.

And, when you will find a trending search related to your Niche, that is it – you will have your Topic for a focused region.

Moreover, by receiving guidance from Google Trends, you will find what products, services, topics, or subjects are widespread in all over the world, or in your focused region, and are topping on your niche in Google searches.

For instance, if you are thinking of creating content about smartphones, you can analyze which smartphone is leading searches in Google on focused regions.

How to do it? It is easy – enter the name of the phone and compare it to another phone. You will get a perfect visual, which the smartphone is leading.

So, as you can see, according to Google Trends, the most popular smartphone in the UK is iPhone Pro Max. Thus, if you are writing a blog for the UK about smartphones – pick a topic about iPhone Pro Max.

Also, you can see how popular each smartphone is in particular areas of the UK.

You can compare anything like this to generate ideas. In this way, Google Trends is a very worthy instrument for successful content creation.

Also, you can check what searches are trending related to your topic in a specific region and write about your topic considering these trending searches.

Moreover, there is a possibility to compare not only subjects but any region on a specific topic.

If you have a topic, you can analyze how it is popular in different regions. When you will find in which countries the subject is the most popular, you will be able to focus only on them.

Popularity of Toyota Prius in Austria

Popularity of Toyota Prius in Brazil

To get the maximum potential from the topic – write the text in this country language, use familiar interfaces for this location, and any other stuff, which would present your subject to be more pleasant for a particular area.

4. Compare competitors position and trends

Another way to use Google Trends is for your competitors to monitor and analyze.

You need just to enter the product or service name of your competitor and Google Trends will please you with a lot of data from its side.

Google Trends will provide you with this information:

  1. Firstly, you will know if the product of the service is only getting popular or its popularity is decreasing.
  2. Google Trends will show in what regions a product or service has more searches, so there will be a high possibility, that in the region with most searches, there will be the highest number of sales.
  3. You can compare competitors’ products or services with your product or service. This way, you will know if it’s more popular than your product or service. 
  4. And if it is, you can analyze why competitors’ product or service is more popular. According to that, you can make improvements to your product or service.
  5. Finally, you can compare your competitor’s product or service to other competitors. And when you will find the most popular product or service, you can make related solutions to improve your own.

For example, Samsung can analyze searches of iPhone Pro Max on Google Trends. 

This way, they will know in which regions this model is more popular than the latest Samsung Galaxy S20. So they could be more aggressive in certain regions to increase popularity.

Moreover, they can check if the iPhone Pro Max is still trending or its popularity is decreasing. And take some actions by trying to overshadow iPhone Pro Max with Samsung Galaxy S20.

Finally, by analyzing iPhone Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S20 search queries day by day, they will see if those actions are effective. 

And then they will be in need to decide to continue or stop taking the mentioned actions.

5. Use Google Trends for Google Shopping

First of all, what is Google Shopping? It is a platform in which you can compare the prices of the same product from different sellers.

In Google Trends, you can check how often the product searched on Google Shopping. 

It is simple – you need to change the filter form Web Search to Google Shopping.

This way, your data will be segmented only to the searches in the Google Shopping platform. Why do so? Because people use Google Shopping platform when they seek to buy a product.

This is very useful if you are trying to promote a product for sales. As you will eliminate all the useless search queries when the user is just looking only for product info or other purposes without intent to buy a product.

So, by filtering Google Shopping, you will get data with a pure intent to buy a product. And you will get an idea of how good the product sales are in certain regions and at specific times.

Because when you have data of the searches with pure intent to buy, it is equivalent to actual sales.

6. To figure out where your product most demanding 

As mentioned before, you can check the most popular search queries in specific regions on Google Trends. 

So by analyzing your product on Google Trends, you can inspect on what region your product is most popular.

By knowing the region which has the most search queries of your product, it is obvious that this region has the highest demand for the product.

So, you can act accordingly. If you did not trade in this region, you have to start. Either you can settle the whole of your sales to the regions which are most demanding – have the most trending searches for the product.

As you can see from the picture above, Delaware, South Dakota, and Nebraska have the most search queries of Cat food

So, these states have the highest demand for Cat food. Maybe these states are the most loving cat states, or they need cat food for other purposes. But if you sell Cat food in the USA, you have to be oriented to these states.

7. Identify seasonal trends

Google Trends is almost a perfect tool for the identification of the seasonal trends of the products or services.

First of all, if you are only interested in the sales of the product or service, as mentioned above, filter search query to Google Shopping. This way, you will see data only of searches with buying intent.

In other cases, if you are curious about the whole interest of people during different seasons, you can keep a filter on Web Search

For example, you can check how the interest of the term like Electric bike changes during the whole year.

You can see with a clear eye, that the most search queries for Electric bikes are in spring and summer. And the interest exceedingly decreases in winter.


In a nutshell, what can I say about Google trends?

It is a very user-friendly platform, so it is simple to use. There are the main features, quite clearly expressed in the platform.

You will have many ways to use Google Trends, it does not matter if you are creating content, or you are selling goods. There is a means of how your activity can be improved by using Google Trends.

All of the data provided in clear graphs – you can easily compare these graphs with each other. 

The information about search queries is provided in Google Trends daily. Even you can check what is trending on the same day when you are looking for data.

So, in Google Trends, you can see what topic people are interested in the most worldwide or by region. This data, as mentioned before, is very useful for content creators and sellers.

By using Google Trends correctly, you can continuously create engaging and trending content or concentrate your product sales on the regions which have the highest demand.

Moreover, you can compare and analyze the products of your competitors.

So Google Trends has a vast amount of search queries data. And it depends on you how you will use it.

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