Build Smarter Campaigns with these Top Social Media Marketing Tools

Build Smarter Campaigns with these Top Social Media Marketing Tools

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In this day and age, social media platforms are essential components in marketing campaigns. This makes perfect sense because a huge number of today’s population can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. While this means excellent news for every business owner out there, it poses a challenge: how to boost their visibility on virtual spaces where almost every single business is also present.

The task can be overwhelming, what with the number of things that need to be considered and all. This is why having the right social media tools is crucial, especially if you’re planning to up your game. While you can start using most of them with a free account, paying for an upgrade will allow you to access more services and a bigger library.

Let's take a look at the top 5 tools for planning smart social media marketing campaigns:

1. BuzzSumo

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Ranking high on the list of social tools is BuzzSumo, an app that makes discovering popular and trending content on the World Wide Web seem like a walk in the park. By using this as one of the social media tools for your business, you’ll gain access to a detailed breakdown of popular posts specific to your niche. All of the information that you get from BuzzSumo will help you come up with effective and efficient marketing strategies.

What’s great about this is you’ll know which influencers to tap when it comes to sharing your content. You won’t have to worry about investing on the wrong people because BuzzSumo will link you up with the best influencers in the industry.

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2. Canva

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Canva is one of the many social media tools that help create stunning images for marketing campaigns. What sets it apart from other tools for social media is interface: it’s easy to use, and it encourages those who know nothing about graphic design to dip their toes into the world of creating digital images.

It comes with a library that contains a myriad of options for fonts, templates, filters, icons, and other design elements. The workspace is easy to figure out, and the tools needed are not difficult to find. Canva is readily used to create wide variety of image forms like – Infographics, Flyers, Logos, Social Media images, creating Presentations and so on. The best part is the tutorial that’s readily available should you find yourself hitting a wall at some point.

3. Hootsuite

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Hootsuite is a staple in every social media marketer’s arsenal, and there’s a good reason why. It allows its users to schedule the publication of content in advance on various social media platforms. This is one of the social tools that offer analytics, thus making it easy to monitor content engagement and campaign performance. Hootsuite make it easy to publish content and useful to track effectiveness.

4. Buffer

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Social media tools that boost traffic are critical to a marketing strategy’s success. Like Hootsuite, marketers are allowed to set the publication of your posts at a specific time. This is handy especially if you want to stick to your schedule. A free account allows you to schedule posts for one social media profile. You can add more profiles as you upgrade.

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5. CoSchedule

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Here’s a tool that makes it easy for everyone to manage their marketing calendar and get them organized. You can access everything through one dashboard, while simultaneously sharing and uploading content on different social media platforms. If you’re all about organized workflows and wants to stand out with your skills this is the perfect tool for you. 


Before we wrap our list of tools, there are some important tips that you should follow while designing your social media marketing strategy: plan out the content which is in trend, use images, stats, infographics, videos to attract audience, make sure about the customer’s timings, plan for an effective sales process and demonstrate results.

Creating smart marketing campaigns are not just about the numbers; they’re also about getting things done with the least amount of effort within a short period of time. If at some point you feel the need to invest and upgrade these tools, go ahead. We assure you, they’re worth it.

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