How To Remove Subscriptions On Iphone [100% working]

Remove Subscriptions On Iphone: Many apps, services, and content providers allow you to purchase subscriptions on your iPhone. A subscription provides ongoing access to the particular offering, whether it’s a workout program, ad-free app experience, magazine subscription, or anything else. The catch is that these subscriptions auto-renew and charge recurring fees to your iTunes account until you cancel. – Learn How to Delete Subscriptions on iPhone – 100% Working.

You may find over time that you want to remove certain subscriptions from your iPhone for various reasons:

  • The subscription fee has increased and you no longer feel it offers good value. For example, a monthly app subscription went from $2.99 to $9.99.
  • You signed up for a free trial subscription and forgot to cancel before the first payment. Now you’re being charged monthly for something you don’t want.
  • The app or content you subscribed to is no longer useful for you. Maybe you switched to a new workout program or found a different news source.
  • Accidental or unauthorized purchases of subscriptions by kids or others using your iPhone.
  • You’re looking to cut back on monthly costs by pruning unused subscriptions.

Fortunately, subscriptions can easily be canceled right from your iPhone. Let’s look at how to find and remove any subscriptions you no longer want to be billed for going forward.

How To Remove Subscriptions On Iphone [100% working]

Quick Answer:

To remove subscriptions on an iPhone, open the App Store, tap your profile icon, select Subscriptions, find the subscription you want to remove, tap it, select Cancel Subscription, and confirm the cancellation. This will stop any further billing for that subscription. You can also contact the provider directly or in iTunes to cancel.

Remove Unwanted Subscriptions On iPhone – A Step-By-Step Guide

With so many apps, services, and content providers today offering in-app subscriptions, it’s easy to accumulate a long list of ongoing subscriptions on your iPhone. But over time, you may find yourself wanting to cancel some of these subscriptions that you no longer use or don’t feel are worth the recurring fees. Thankfully, iPhone makes it simple to find and remove subscriptions right from your device.

Subscriptions allow you to access and use apps, games, digital content, and services on an ongoing basis. As long as the subscription is active, you are charged a recurring fee, usually monthly or annually. Some common subscription examples are music streaming apps, ad-free app versions, virtual workout programs, dating apps, news services, photo editing apps, game gems and coins, and more.

There are a few main reasons you may want to take the time to prune any unneeded subscriptions from your iPhone and Apple account. For one, if you notice a subscription fee has dramatically increased, canceling is an easy way to avoid being overcharged going forward. You can always resubscribe later if the provider lowers the price.

Another reason to remove subscriptions is if you initially signed up for a free trial but forgot to cancel before you were charged. This happens often, so checking your active subscriptions and canceling any forgotten trials is wise. You may also find over time that you no longer use or need certain subscriptions as your needs and habits change. Canceling those can save you money each month.

Okay, let’s get into the step-by-step process for how to cancel and remove subscriptions on an iPhone:

#1. Open up the App Store app on your iPhone. You can find this easily on your home screen.

#2. At the top right corner, tap on your profile icon. It will display your Apple ID account name.

How To Remove Subscriptions On Iphone 2
How To Remove Subscriptions On Iphone

#3. Under your account name, tap on the “Subscriptions” option to view your list.

How To Remove Subscriptions On Iphone
How To Remove Subscriptions On Iphone

#4. On the Subscriptions page, tap on the specific subscription you want to cancel and remove.

#5. On the next screen, tap the “Cancel Subscription” button and confirm cancellation.

#6. Repeat steps 3-5 for any other subscriptions you want to cancel from your iPhone.

Once canceled, you will stop being charged future renewal fees for that subscription. Do keep in mind you may still have access to the subscription during the current billing period until it expires. You can repeat these steps at any time to easily remove more iPhone subscriptions as needed.

Beyond using the iPhone itself, you also have the option to cancel subscriptions by signing in to your iTunes account on a desktop computer and managing your subscription list from there. You can also contact app or content developers directly to request they cancel your subscription.

By regularly reviewing and pruning any unused or unwanted subscriptions, you can avoid unnecessary charges on your iPhone account. Following these simple steps makes it quick and easy to remove subscriptions and take control of your ongoing costs.


With iOS making subscriptions easy to set up, it’s common for unused subscriptions to accumulate over time on your iPhone. Regularly reviewing and canceling any you no longer want can save you money and avoid surprise renewal fees.

Now you know how to quickly find and remove subscriptions directly from your iPhone in just a few taps. Keep this process in mind for spring cleaning your app subscriptions and keeping only the ones you actually use and enjoy.

Will I lose access to the subscription immediately after canceling?

You may still have access to the subscription until the end of the current billing period when you cancel. But you will avoid being charged again at renewal.

Can I re-subscribe later if I change my mind?

Yes, you can resubscribe to a canceled subscription anytime by visiting the App Store or content provider’s website.

What if I don’t see the subscription I want to cancel?

It may be managed through a different Apple ID or on another device like an iPad. Check your account and purchase history.

Are there other ways to cancel besides on my iPhone?

You can also cancel via iTunes on a desktop computer or by directly contacting the app developer/provider.

What happens to canceled subscriptions on my family sharing plan?

A canceled subscription will be removed for the whole family group on a family sharing Apple account.

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