Top 10 Data Entry Services for Businesses in 2023 – Starting at Just $3/Hour

Top 10 Data Entry Services for Businesses in 2023 – Starting at Just $3/Hour:

What’s up folks! Let’s get real for a sec – data entry is one of those boring but super important tasks that too many companies try handling themselves.

Bad idea.

Like really bad. You should totally be outsourcing that grunt work to the pros. I mean, do you really want your own team wasting their time on mind-numbing data entry tasks when they could be doing more important, strategic work that actually moves the needle for your business?

Didn’t think so.

That’s why I put together this sweet list of the top 10 data entry services for 2023 that provide fast, accurate and crazy affordable rates – we’re talking just $3 an hour!

Whaaat? I know, it’s awesome.

These companies have specialized teams that do data entry all day every day, so they can crank through it lightning fast. And you don’t have to sacrifice quality either – they have top notch accuracy and security standards.

So quit stalling and check out these awesome data entry services for your business! Just outsource it already so you can get back to focusing on the important stuff. You’ll be glad you did, trust me on this one.

Top 10 Data Entry Services for Businesses in 2023

#1. Upwork

First up is Upwork, which is like a gigantic buffet of freelancers from around the world. For basic data entry, you can find tons of qualified folks from places like India, Pakistan, Phillipines, etc. that will only charge $3 to $8 an hour.

Data Entry Services specialists Upwork
Data Entry Services specialists Upwork

The newbies and freelancers trying to build their profile will do it for around $3/hour, which is a steal!

The more experienced peeps with higher demand might charge up to $8/hour.

But don’t stress about the range – they’ve all got the skills to kill your data entry project. Upwork lets you post the job and receive bids, so you can easily pick whoever fits your budget. It’s pretty much a smorgasbord of affordable options!

#2. Fiverr

Next up is Fiverr, which as you can guess from the name, starts at just $5 per hour. But the cool thing is you can negotiate lower rates with freelancers, especially if you’re giving them a ton of work.

The profiles here are worldwide, but you’ll find the best deals with folks from Bangladesh, India, Philippines, etc. If you make a deal for a fixed total price instead of paying hourly, you can easily get rates under $5 or even as low as $3 per hour if the work is large enough volume.

Fiverr Data Entry Services
Fiverr Data Entry Services

The fixed price option means you pay the same amount no matter how many hours it takes – so the faster they work, the better deal you get! Fiverr’s global freelancer community gives you another sweet way to score rock-bottom rates for excellent data entry work.

#3. Flatworld Solutions

Coming in at #3 is Flatworld Solutions. With 18,000+ clients globally, these guys are legit data entry pros. Their HQ is in Bangalore, but they’ve got offices in the US and UK too.

Credit: Flatworld Solutions

For basic data entry services, their rates start at a very reasonable $6 bucks an hour. And check out this review – Flatworld’s team has become so trusted that clients see them as their own in-house staff.

When you can get that level of quality at offshore prices, it’s a win-win! We’re talking thousands of hours of experience and expertise that you can leverage for way less than hiring locally. If having an established company with nearly two decades in business matters to you, Flatworld should be on your short list for sure.

#4. Data Entry Outsourced

Up next is Data Entry Outsourced, boasting rave reviews from employees with a perfect 5/5 rating. For basic data entry, their rockstar team provides starting rates of just $6 an hour.

Data Entry Outsourced - OutsourceData Entry Services

And their staff loves working there – 100% would recommend it! That kind of across-the-board satisfaction means you know you’re getting top-notch service.

With glowing reviews for company culture, rewards, growth opportunities and support, Data Entry Outsourced seems to be a dream workplace for data entry pros. And when your providers are that happy with their jobs, it translates to better quality and service for you.

If keeping it affordable with a trusted brand matters, definitely give these all-star players a look!

#5. Oworkers

Oworkers is another solid choice for data entry. Their rates typically range from $5 to $15 per hour, so right in the affordable sweet spot.


This review says it all –

“fast, efficient, accurate and budget-friendly. When converting paper forms to Excel, Oworkers delivered big time.”

The reviewer was so impressed they’d recommend them to anyone. Finding providers that offer top-notch speed and quality at non-bank-breaking prices is tough.

So when you spot one like Oworkers that makes customers downright gleeful, take note! If you want service that wows without the premium price tag, put these rockstars on your list.

#6. virtualousPRO

Coming in at #6 is virtualousPRO. For only $4 an hour, this top-ranked BPO was named the #1 company by DesignRush in March 2023! Founded in rural India in 2016, virtualousPRO’s mission is sustainable employment – they hire students, housewives and other locals in need.

Perfect Data entry services

Even with a team of 25, they’ve already served over 1,200 clients globally, with 78% being repeat customers.

virtualousPRO’s data entry services proves you don’t need a huge overseas corporation to get affordable rates coupled with award-winning service.

Hire virtualousPRO for your data entry needs

By keeping costs low with their rural workforce, they can pass those savings to you. $4 an hour is pretty unbelievable in today’s market!

And with the majority of their clients coming back for more, you know this small operation delivers big. If you want to get an incredible deal on data entry while also empowering rural communities abroad, virtualousPRO is a top contender.

#7. Ask Datatech

In the #7 spot is Ask Datatech, with rates starting at a very reasonable $8 bucks an hour. This company wins rave reviews for being fast, reliable and honest.

Outsourcing Data Entry Services Company
Outsourcing Data Entry Services Company:

Multiple happy customers have used their data entry services repeatedly in the past and continues to use them today, that’s a great sign! They highly recommend Ask Datatech – and recommend-worthy providers are hard to find.

While we’ve seen lower base rates from others, Ask Datatech’s proven track record makes their slightly higher price tag worthwhile. When it comes to something as critical as data entry, reputation matters. This company clearly delivers quality and care that keeps clients coming back. If having a trusted provider you can count on long-term is key, be sure to keep Ask Datatech on your radar!

#8. CDMSoftech Solution

Rolling in at #8 is CDMSoftech Solution’s data entry services, with average hourly rates of just $4. Founded in 2017, they’ve grown to a team of 29 employees strong. This rave review says it all – quick response, timely delivery, easy to work with, professional and helpful. When a client 100% recommends a provider, you know you’ve found a gem!

CDMSoftech Data Entry Services
CDMSoftech Data Entry Services

CDMSoftech Solution clearly has the experience and work ethic to deliver exemplary service at incredibly low prices. A combination of professionalism with only $4 an hour rates is nearly unheard of these days. Yet this company manages to make it happen, impressing customers along the way. If you want incredible value and a provider committed to making your life easier, put CDMSoftech Solution on your must-try list!

#9. Perfect Data Entry

Now we’ve got Perfect Data Entry at #9 with an hourly rate of just $5. With nearly 5 stars across multiple reviews, most customers seem pretty darn satisfied.

Perfect Data Entry Services
Perfect Data Entry Services:

4.6 rating also puts Perfect Data Entry at #12 in the outsourcing category – not too shabby! When shoppers are happily giving you high praise across the web, it’s a great sign of quality service and value. If getting a lot of bang for your minimal buck is key, be sure to consider these standout players.

#10. HabileData

And last but not least at #10 we’ve got HabileData, coming through with another $5 an hour option. One complex survey project with 13,000+ handwritten forms had an accuracy rate of 99.98% – that’s just crazy! With handwritten docs, no less.

HabileData - Data Entry Services
Credit: HabileData

This reviewer straight up recommends HabileData for anyone needing top-tier data capture and processing. Yet again we’ve got a company that offers impressive precision at every day low prices. If squeezing maximum savings without sacrificing quality matters to you, HabileData should be high on your evaluation list.

What are Data Entry Services?

Data entry services provide professional assistance with transferring information from paper documents, PDF files, images, audio files, websites, surveys, and more into digital formats like spreadsheets, databases, web forms, word processing documents, and other electronic files.

Common data entry services include:

  • Document digitization – scanning paper forms to PDFs
  • PDF data extraction – converting PDF files into Excel, CSV, etc.
  • Web scraping – collecting data from websites into spreadsheets
  • eCommerce product listing – uploading product details to online stores
  • Image annotation – labeling objects in images for machine learning training
  • Transcription – converting audio to text documents
  • Survey processing – inputting survey responses into analysis software
  • Business card data entry – extracting contacts into CRM systems
  • Receipt processing – logging printed receipt details into accounting systems

Why Do Companies Need Data Entry Services?

Outsourcing data entry rather than handling it in-house provides many benefits:

  • Cost savings – It is much cheaper than hiring full-time data entry staff
  • Efficiency – Experienced services work faster with fewer errors
  • Scalability – Data volume can be scaled up and down as needed
  • Specialization – They have expertise in specific data tasks like OCR
  • Security – Reputable services ensure data integrity and privacy

In conclusion, this list highlights 10 of the top-rated data entry services that provide accurate, secure, and affordable outsourced processing starting at just $3/hour in 2023. Whether you need one-time or ongoing data entry, these services offer the experience, responsiveness, and value to scale to your business needs.

Is outsourced data entry secure?

Reputable services ensure data security through encryption, credentials-based access, and confidentiality agreements. Always vet providers thoroughly.

How is pricing determined?

Pricing is usually based on an hourly rate or per-record fee. Volume discounts are common. Complexity of the source data also impacts costs.

What turnaround time can I expect?

Turnaround time depends on data volume and complexity. Many services offer 12-24 hour turnarounds for most basic data tasks.

Can I get a free trial?

Many services offer free trials or sample orders so you can evaluate quality before fully committing.

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