You Won’t Believe These 10 Apps Only For The Super Rich

Most of us regular folks shop on Amazon, book Ubers, and connect on Facebook. But the ultrarich one-percenters live in a different world of unimaginable luxury and exclusivity.

They have their own set of apps and services catered specifically to their elite, high-net-worth lifestyles. You won’t believe some of the outrageous apps only the super rich can access. We’re talking private jets on-demand, luxury yachts for sale, penthouse suites around the world, and even butler services.

Read on for a look at 10 jaw-dropping apps only the richest of the rich can afford to use in their daily lives. You’ll be amazed at how the other half lives with these digital tools for the mega-wealthy.

[1] Blade – Helicopters On Demand

Skipping the hassle of a taxi after a long flight is as easy as booking a Blade helicopter with this elite app. Within just 5 minutes, Blade can whisk you from the airport tarmac directly to your luxury Manhattan highrise. No waiting in traffic or lines.

Blade even offers helicopter service to major sports events, guaranteeing you’ll arrive in style. A quick chopper ride to see the Knicks easily costs $595 each way. Beyond helicopters, Blade provides charter flights and seaplanes to access your remote private island estate.

The wealthy can even gift Blade flight passes to friends. This app makes aircraft as convenient as an Uber for the super rich.

[2] HushHush – The Elite Online Marketplace

The wealthy don’t waste time shopping on mainstream sites like Amazon or eBay. Instead, they turn to, an exclusive online luxury marketplace. price
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This app is a paradise for extravagant spending without concern for price. One can instantly purchase $200,000 pearl earrings or a $30,000 leather couch with ease.

Beyond everyday lavish items, HushHush grants access to jets, yachts, luxury cars, and high-end real estate typically unavailable to average consumers.

For the ultra rich, this app makes acquiring over-the-top goods seamless, catering to their elite tastes and budget. HushHush makes it possible to buy anything money can buy from the convenience of an app.

[3] Designer Apps – Luxury at Your Fingertips

The biggest luxury fashion houses like Gucci, Prada, Chanel, and Burberry all have their own apps to give wealthy clients exclusive access to their latest designer collections.


On these apps, the rich can view new seasons of runway shows and shop current lines of clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories.

For example, Chanel’s app allows users to watch live broadcasts of runway shows from the front row. Meanwhile on Burberry’s app, one can instantly purchase a $480 bucket hat with a few taps.

The super elite depend on these apps to see and buy the newest designer gear first, flaunting their wealth and status. For the ultra rich, high fashion is easily accessible via these exclusive designer apps tailored specifically to them.

[4] James Edition – Luxury Items Galore

James Edition is like window shopping for billionaires. This app lists the most luxurious items for sale across categories. Got $3.5 million to spare? You can own a Bugatti Veyron. How about a party yacht for $9 million? Yes, please! With $18 million, a Legacy 650 private jet can be yours.

James Edition
Credit: James Edition

Beyond vehicles, James Edition offers lavish real estate from chalets in Switzerland to beach houses in the Bahamas. James Edition really is a one-stop shop for everything posh. Billionaires never need to visit a mainstream site again thanks to this luxury marketplace app.

[5] Sotheby’s Real Estate – Palatial Properties

Only the cream of the crop in luxury real estate deserves the Sotheby’s name. On their app, only the most magnificent homes are listed, from sprawling mansions to seaside villas suitable for royalty. With properties on every continent, billionaires can find their perfect presidential palace or grand ranch for horseback riding.

Sotheby’s Real Estate - Palatial Properties

If you demand the utmost luxury in a home, the Sotheby’s app delivers with their selection of meticulously vetted multi-million dollar properties in the most elite and exclusive neighborhoods worldwide.

[6] Sotheby’s Auctions – Fine Art, Jewels, Watches, Wine Auctions & Sales

Billionaires love investing in rare fine art, wines, and antiques offered through the Sotheby’s auction app. It makes bidding accessible anywhere, anytime. Of course, Sotheby’s offers masterpieces from Picasso and Rembrandt. But today’s wealthy also bid for NFTs and cryptocurrency using the app.

Sotheby’s Auctions

After purchasing priceless art for their walls, billionaires can then buy exquisite wines through Sotheby’s too. A bottle of Chateau Margaux costs around $25,000 – just another everyday purchase for the mega rich thanks to Sotheby’s auction app.

[7] Quintessentially – Luxury Lifestyle Management Service

The elite don’t waste time running errands or planning events. Quintessentially, a luxury personal assistant service, caters to every need so billionaires don’t have to lift a finger. For a hefty annual fee, you can have Quintessentially manage your real estate purchases, book travel, plan lavish parties, even hire your household staff.

From childcare to pet care, Quintessentially will manage any aspect of a wealthy family’s lifestyle. Top-tier concierge services like this make everything seamless for the super rich.

[8] Inspirato – Luxury Rentals & Travel

Why book a basic Airbnb when you can temporarily live in a sprawling Italian villa or beachside Hawaiian bungalow? For $25k per year, Inspirato offers unlimited access to thousands of luxury vacation rentals around the world. Just select your destination and enjoy exclusive short-term home rentals most people only dream of.

Inspirato - Luxury Rentals & Travel

Inspirato also helps with booking jets, yachts, and hotels for wealthy travelers. For the mega rich, lavish getaways are just a tap away thanks to this vacation rental app. No planning needed.

[9] Fortnum & Mason – Grocery Shopping for Billionaires

Fortnum & Mason is the ultimate British luxury grocery experience, fit for Royalty and billionaires. With stores in only the swankiest neighborhoods, Fortnum’s offers premium foods and gift hampers. Their online app makes it easy to order gourmet staples like $3,500 worth of caviar or a $165 bottle of chilled champagne.

Fortnum & Mason - Grocery Shopping for Billionaires

Fortnum’s also offers exquisite teas and luxury picnic accessories, because even the wealthy need to grab groceries. Thanks to Fortnum’s app, billionaires can routinely order the finest quality foods from this iconic luxury brand.

[10] Luxy – Millionaire Matchmaking

Luxy markets itself as an elite millionaire dating app, serving ultra-wealthy and attractive singles. Users must verify their net worth and income to join. This exclusive app helps the rich and beautiful find love without being matched with those deemed less desirable.

Luxy - Millionaire Matchmaking

On Luxy, well-off users can mingle safely knowing every match meets their standards. For the super rich, even finding romance is exclusive. Luxy keeps the gold diggers and average Joes out, making luxury dating effortless.

The ultra-wealthy live in a world of their own, with exclusive apps catering to their elite tastes and lifestyles. From on-demand helicopters to luxury grocery delivery, these digital services make extravagance and indulgence easily accessible for the top 1%. Forget Uber and online shopping – the rich play by their own set of rules. While most of us can only dream of the luxury these apps provide, it’s fascinating to glimpse how the super-rich conveniently manage their lives. One thing’s for certain – being extremely wealthy certainly has its perks, especially in the digital world.

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