Top 10 Data Entry Outsourcing Companies in India

With companies moving to digital documents and forms instead of printing and hand filling out materials, data entry has come a long way in the last decade. Taking advantage of this means you can get your data entry done cheaper, faster, and more accurately than ever before by outsourcing to India, one of the best countries for high-quality and affordable data entry. Check out our list of India’s top 10 data entry outsourcing companies!


Data entry outsourcing companies invest significantly in state of the art tools and technologies. Scalability and flexibility are built into their project planning and helps offshore data entry companies to handle fluctuating volumes in a time-sensitive manner. They are conscious about compliance with security policies and well versed with the laws of the land.

The data-entry outsourcing services market share is expected to increase by USD 552.63 million from 2021 to 2026, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 6.1%.

Source: Technavio

We will walk you through India’s top 10 data entry outsourcing companies. Partnering with any of them will help you offload a significant volume of critical, mundane business processes. Outsourcing efficiencies promise cost effective data entry pricing and visible results in your ROI. Not to mention happier and more engaged customers!

The Top 10 Data Entry Outsourcing Companies in India

1. WNS Global Services

WNS is one of the world’s largest business process management companies, with over 60 delivery centers across 16 countries. Headquartered in Mumbai, it offers a range of functional solutions and business transformation services in the areas of analytics, customer experience, finance & accounting, legal services and procurement.

2. Hitech BPO

Since its inception in 1992, Hitech BPO has to its credit, 3,500+ successful project completions for 2,500 clients globally. Ranked amongst the top BPO companies by Dun & Bradstreet, for Hitech BPO, outsourcing goes beyond managing back office operations. Process improvement through optimization and automation are pivotal to its data entry operations.

Scalability and flexibility form an integral part of their offshore data entry project planning to handle higher volumes. With managers leading multiple data entry specialist teams across offices in India, the USA and UK; Hitech BPO manages 25M transactions every year with 99% accuracy.

3. Infosys BPM

Since inception in 2002, Infosys BPM focused on delivering end-to-end outsourcing solutions and passing on the benefits of reduced costs, increased productivity and process improvement to clients globally. Their specific offerings besides data management include customer service, banking, finance and accounting, human resources, legal processes and sales outsourcing.

4. Acelerar Technologies

It offers a wide range of business outsourcing services. Their multiple service offerings include writing, image editing, creative design, data entry, list building and ecommerce product catalogue services. It was founded in 2010, and since then has served clients across various domains including real estate, banking & finance, logistics, and e-Commerce, assisting them in office administration, collection management, transaction management etc.


An outsourcing service provider, it was founded in 1997. It serves more than 100 customers across the globe from diverse industries: banking & finance, logistics, energy & utilities manufacturing, retail & consumer, and automobile. Its offerings include call center, data management, debt collection, logistics BPO, e-Commerce catalogue management, and digital publishing services.

6. virtualousPRO

virtualousPRO is a global leader in outsourced data entry services and provides high-quality, low-cost data entry and virtual assistant services.

7. Om Data Entry India

Om Data Entry is a one-stop destination for all your data input needs. Whether it’s scanning, typing, or just basic input, we can help you do it all. With over 8 years of experience and 5 million forms processed, you know you can trust us with your project.

8. Ask Datatech

Ask Datatech is a Leading Data Entry Services, Data Processing, Web scrapping, Data Management and Hire the best Data Entry Specialists in Canda, USA.

9. Habile Data

HabileData renowned as the most trusted choice for data processing services, it provides technology-driven solutions, which include data entry & capture, document processing, file conversion, data collection & web scraping, data cleansing and validation to more than 1,000+ customers in over 45 countries.

10. Data Entry Outsourced

Data Entry Outsourcing (often abbreviated as DEO) has become a popular way for businesses and other organizations to get their data inputted into their system. It is often used by larger organizations that have a lot of information they need to input but don’t have the internal resources, such as time or money, available to do it themselves.

Key benefits of outsourcing your data entry operations

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to handling data entry in-house, outsourcing is a great option. You can either focus on other aspects of your business while someone else handles data entry, or you can delegate it entirely by hiring an outsourced company. Either way, there are numerous benefits to this approach

  • Save money by reducing your own staff costs
  • Increase productivity through automation
  • Cut down on office administration
  • Improve accuracy through better training
  • Reduce errors due to human error
  • Provide 24/7 access to information

10 tips to choose your data entry outsourcing partner

Don’t just go with the first company you find. Most likely, it will not be able to meet all your needs. It is important that you look for a company that has experience with data-entry projects like yours. The best way to find a good match is by searching online or by talking to other business owners who have outsourced their work before.

Before making any choices regarding who is going to be your data entry outsourcing partner, make sure you carefully review each company’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition to adversely affecting your business operations, one incorrect choice could also damage your credibility.

Key considerations to help you choose outsourcing data entry partners wisely.

  1. Turnaround time: If you need rapid results and turnaround times are important, then partnering with a company that specializes in speedy production may be the answer.
  2. Pricing: There are different price points depending on what type of service you want (i.e., per hour versus per project).
  3. English fluency: Depending on how comfortable you feel communicating with non-native English speakers, this can vary from being an insignificant detail to something very important
  4. How technical does the data you need entered involve?: Some services offer only basic editing capabilities while others offer more complex features such as document formatting, table creation, calculations, importing/exporting information etc. If this is an issue for you then you should contact the company directly to get more information on what they can offer. You might want to consider a trial run with your new data entry outsourcing partner before signing any contracts. You should ask them if you can send them a small sample of text that would represent the work you would like them to do, so they can see if it matches their skillset. By doing this, you’ll avoid wasting both parties’ time when the outcome doesn’t match up.
  5. Technological infrastructure: Ensure your outsourcing partner has requisite infrastructure to best handle your operation’s requirements. Make sure they’re using a robust system and maintain high levels of security so your data is always protected. With these considerations in mind, you’ll be able to confidently enter into an agreement without regretting your decision later on down the line.
  6. Data security and confidentiality: Important factors to consider when selecting an outsourcing partner include ensuring their systems are capable of handling sensitive data appropriately, and confirming that they take full responsibility for protecting the integrity of your data throughout the process. Without this consideration in place, you risk exposing your most critical assets to potential breaches which could lead to significant damage to your business.
  7. Deadlines: Make sure you discuss deadlines early on with your potential partner so there are no misunderstandings about expectations later on down the line.
  8. What is your budget?: Naturally, this is a question you should address upfront. However, keep in mind that the more you spend on outsourcing data entry, the better quality of result you can expect to receive.
  9. What are your needs?: Knowing exactly what you require and looking for an outsourcing partner who can provide those specific services and competencies will help reduce the amount of wasted time and energy during negotiations.
  10. Expertise: Find a company that has the experience and expertise in the field you are looking for. For example, don’t work with a company that is proficient in coding for your data entry needs. A company with more general knowledge will be able to focus on a variety of tasks, thus saving you time and money.


With data evolving and becoming a crucial driver in decision making, businesses cannot afford to have inaccurate databases. However, as the data entry outsourcing market continues to expand fast, the process to decide on the right data entry outsourcing company has to be systematic and informed. It is only then that desired outcomes can be successfully derived.

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