what services do virtual assistants offer?

What Services Do Virtual Assistants Offer? 25 Tasks You Can Outsource to a virtual assistant.


Thinking of hiring a virtual assistant? Check out this list of 25 virtual assistant tasks you can outsource in 2020

Outsourcing day to day business activities to a virtual assistant has indeed become a global trend. In this article, we will be discussing what services does a virtual assistant offers or you could say the list of virtual assistant services you can outsource as a business owner.

Reasons Why Should Outsource Virtual Assistant Services:

Working with virtual assistant outsourcing services can be extremely beneficial to companies beyond cost-effectiveness. There are many solid reasons to consider outsourcing to virtual assistant companies, but here are some of the most compelling.

1. Improved Focus On Key Business Goals.

Virtual assistant outsourcing services can speedily finish tasks that would have otherwise required many hours. In this way, partnering with a virtual assistant company can free you and your employees to hone in on core business targets.

2. Enhanced Efficiency And Effectiveness.

Often cases, virtual assistant allows access to skillful talents. virtual assistant service companies can offer innovative approaches, the latest technology, and creative, cutting-edge solutions that otherwise aren’t available.

3. Flexible Productivity.

While full-blown admin duties are something most virtual assistant outsourcing services offer, one-off projects are also welcome. If you lack an in-house admin team or you need extra bodies to handle an upswing in work, virtual assistant outsourcing services are happy to help, making your organization more flexible and better able to take on additional projects.

4. Less Expensive.

Finally, a virtual assistant can generally perform work less expensively than a full-time employee can, and the costs of hiring, training, and maintaining employees are eliminated, as are taxes and benefits.

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Don’t slow down your business by spending time on the tasks you are not supposed to be doing. Here’s a list of 25 Tasks You Can Outsource to a virtual assistant:

1. Administrative tasks.

The most time consuming and tedious part of running a business are the administrative tasks. The necessary scheduling, travel arrangements, data entry, maintaining a contact database, manually typing documents, responding to, and proofreading professional correspondence all consume an hour to many hours every day. While these tasks are crucial to any business, they are not core business activities that you should consider doing yourself. A virtual assistant can take care of such tasks easily at a very affordable price.

2. Email and Customer Management.

With almost all businesses involving electronic communications, there is also a need for organizing emails, filtering for spam, setting up autoresponders, and so much more. Basic customer service relations tasks are also necessary for a quick response to customer email (chat support), following up with customers, and sending out group emails and newsletters. Outsourcing these services to a virtual assistant alone can save considerable hours, headaches, and dollars. Many virtual assistant companies will handle these tasks for even greater savings.

3. Social Media Management.

Another aspect wherein every business should participate is in social media presence. Thus, there is a need for setting up social media accounts, managing, updating, and scheduling daily posts for them, and various tasks to improve social media reach. The potential advantages of outsourcing social media tasks to virtual assistants are enormous.

4. Data Entry Services.

For any organization, outsourcing data entry Services always has been a time-saving and money-saving solution. It will reduce efforts on low priority data entry work and allow one to give more attention to core business activities.

5. Online Research.

The Internet, with its infinite amount of information on almost any conceivable topic, can be a useful research tool. However, the very features that make the Internet a good source of information can also become disadvantages when it becomes an arduous task to sift useful and accurate information from inaccurate, false, or irrelevant information. To address this problem, virtual assistant companies provide research analysts to use the latest methods and technologies to provide accurate and reliable information services.

6. Marketing Support.

You might consider hiring a virtual marketing assistant if your business schedule is getting out of hand. Running a business is not easy, especially if you are a sole proprietor. Sometimes, while handling all the other aspects of the business, you find you don’t have time to concentrate on a very important aspect of a business – its promotion. A virtual marketing assistant (VMA) could take care of all your business marketing needs

7. Lead generation.

Attracting a steady flow of leads requires a great deal of time and consistency. Unfortunately, time is the one thing that entrepreneurs never seem to have enough of. Building a database of qualified prospects takes lots of phone calls, creative marketing strategies, and online searching. A talented Virtual Assistant can handle and support your in-house marketing team for better lead generation and conversion.

8. Transcription.

By using different types of transcription machines this service is used by both the medical and legal fields. Writers can be an excellent source of business since many speak into a tape recorder with their material and then need it to be transcribed prior to submission to editors. Seminar Speakers may need to have their classroom tapes made into eBooks and written training material.

9. Website Development.

Virtual Web Developers handle the designing of a website, blog setup, and ongoing maintenance and support effectively. Everyone should have a website, but not all have the capability or time to take care of one. By outsourcing website services with ongoing support and search engine optimization, businesses can hugely be benefitted.

10. Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization outsourcing has become a common practice for most businesses nowadays and it is indeed an overpriced, and under-reported sector of the internet marketing industry. When you are just starting your website and look for SEO options you might get an attack when you see the packages. A simple and affordable solution would be hiring a virtual assistant and strategize your own SEO plans on your website. A virtual assistant can handle various SEO tasks such as link building, keyword research, and content creation.

11. Blog writing.

According to HubSpot, 55% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority., but you have all the ideas for your upcoming blogs and a little time to execute them and turn them into a great piece, You probably should consider hiring a virtual assistant.

12. Proofreading.

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing a casual email, an important job application letter or copy for your website, producing something that is free from grammatical and spelling errors is critical. While you focus on things that matter in your business growth outsource this task to a virtual assistant that speaks and writes your language without a single error.

13. Blogging Schedule.

One of the major challenges of a blogger is time management. If you are really serious about blogging and want to turn your blog into a source of decent income or just attack visitors to your website and convert them into paying clients then timely blog publishing and scheduling should be your first priority. While you focus on writing great stuff; a virtual assistant can assist you in researching great topics, finding keywords and other resources, and finally schedule them accordingly.  This is how you save time and concentrate on great content.

14. Video editing.

One of the biggest qualms people have with doing video marketing is the time investment. It can literally take a week or two just to shoot and produce a short video. Longer videos can take longer still. If you are editing by yourself it will take another couple of days or weeks even. Outsourcing these tedious tasks to a virtual assistant can save your hours which you can utilize on other creative things that matter.

15. Pinterest Management.

Marketing analysts saw greater opportunities on the new social site called Pinterest. With more than 416 million monthly active users worldwide, 88.3 minutes spending time, and 2 to 3 times more engaging compared to other sites, Pinterest is indeed an emerging powerful social media. Consider hiring a VA for managing your Pinterest accounts and enjoy the benefits.

17. Bookkeeping and payroll duties.

A virtual assistant bookkeeper is a gold for your business as it will save you a third of the cost of a CPA to do the same job. Your information will be organized on either QuickBooks or MYOB ready to send to your accountant.

18. Data Cleansing.

Organizations can turn data into a valuable resource if used properly. Keeping the information up to date without any duplication is beneficial for companies in a variety of ways. A virtual assistant is someone you need in this case.

19. Customer Support Services

Advice for small business owners and solo entrepreneurs about how a Virtual Assistant can be a cost-efficient alternative to hiring an inhouse customer service employee. Working with a Virtual Assistant can help minimize administrative overhead without compromising the business structure and services.

20. Managing Blogs.

Responding to comments made on the business’s blog

21. Basic Graphics Designing

Designing logos, ebook covers, headers, icons, and other graphic elements.

22. Instagram Marketing and Management

Is your brand on Instagram? What are you doing to bolster your brand there? Are you still figuring out ways in which you can enhance your presence there? Many times a virtual assistant can be a great asset to maintain a great social presence on Instagram. From creating and publishing content to analytics and reporting virtual assistant does it all. Outsource your Instagram tasks to a VA today.

23. Virtual eCommerce Assistant

Building a successful business takes more than setting up and the online store and adding some nice graphics. There are so many aspects involved in creating a fully functioning eCommerce website. From implementing SEO strategies, adding product images, uploading SKUs to order fulfillment a virtual assistant can effectively handle online stores and bring loyal customers to your website.

24. Real Virtual Estate Assistant

Getting the help of real estate assistants can help strengthen your credibility, boost your business’ growth, and increase your income. Hire a real estate assistant and see how they help you become more productive and efficient!

25. Things that you do not like to do yourself.

You run a business and you probably handle most your business activities and make great decisions that can turn your business into a profitable asset and you have a family who always wants to spend time with you. Instead of trying to do everything yourself try outsourcing them to a virtual assistant. I know you will enjoy your day more.


When you partner with a Virtual Assistant the benefits are limitless. As a business owner themselves, Virtual Assistants are always looking for new ways to market and grow their business, especially globally, which is a great benefit to you as they will implement these new ideas into your marketing strategies.

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